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Love and Sex in An Age of Pornography

Love and Sex in An Age of Pornography Pornography has moved from the brown paper bag to smartphones, computer screens, and popular culture. In the adolescent world of attraction, desire, exploration and love, internet porn is normalised, shared and imitated. Through candid interviews with young people and pornography industry professionals in Budapest and LA, Love And Sex In an Age Of Pornography documents the shifts in contemporary mainstream pornography and its influence on the sexual expectations and experiences of Australian young people.

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A Common Purpose

A Common Purpose Twenty-five people are convicted of the murder of one man, fourteen are sentenced to hang, one lawyer is assassinated and the other goes into exile. A Common Purpose is the dramatic story behind a notorious murder trial that marks South Africaís transition from apartheid to democracy. Told through the perspectives of defence lawyer, Andrea Durbach, Independent journalist John Carlin and the accused, the story unfolds to reveal one of legal history's biggest cases on the death penalty. A Common Purpose tells a timeless and inspirational story about a struggle for justice in a country where injustice was entrenched in the law.

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Memoirs of a Plague

Memoirs of a Plague The war against locusts is as old as human civilisation. It is one of the universal stories we tell of our creation, laying deep within us. But where does the individual fit into this drama? What role does fate play and what role science? The film follows the director's journey as he examines the complexity of the dramatic encounter between man and locust. Do we live outside or inside nature, and who is hunting who?



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End of the Rainbow

End of the Rainbow is an elegiac portrait of the changes brought by the arrival of an industrial gold mine in a remote region of West Africa, and a testament to the universal human desire for a better life.

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Bloodlines tells the reconciliation story of Bettina Goering and Ruth Rich. Bettina is a descendent of Nazi war criminal Herman Goering, and now a US resident. Ruth Rich is a Jewish artist and the daughter of Holocaust survivors, now living in Australia.

Chinese Take Away

Chinese Take Away is an adaptation of an acclaimed physical theatre show where Anna Yen seeks to understand a family tragedy. In doing so, she unravels stories about her grandmother, her mother and herself.


Parra is about the life of a a multi-levelled, multi-cultural shopping complex in Parramatta, Western Sydney and the young people who congregate there, transforming the commercial space into their own unique social space.

Ports of Destiny

Ports of Destiny is a film about ageing and destiny. The film follows the filmmakers father, who at the age of 76, travels from Sydney to Buenos Aires to visit his 96 year old aunt and cousin. He hasnít seen them since they all fled Germany 60 years earlier.


Hatred is an essay film that explores various kinds of hatred and its consequences. The film investigates the link between hatred on a personal level and hatred as it is manifest on a collective and political level.